58496 Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle re-release

In december 1984, Tamiya released the 58046 Fast Attack Vehicle. It’s a 1:10 scale buggy from the American manufacturer Chenowth. Built in 1982 as a support and combat vehicle, this sand rail was powered by a VW flat motor.

Original DPV from Chenowth pictures from http://www.militaryfactory.comPictures from: Military Factory

In 2011, Tamiya rereleased the FAV under the number 58496. This one is close to the original and borrows many Wild One 58050 parts: the front arms, the chassis, roll cage and gearbox. So many parts from the Wild One leaves the door open for a future rerelease of this buggy.

58496 Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle re-release from the original 58046

The original FAV from 1984 received many evolutions to improve the reliability. There are three differnet manual versions, so we can consider this 2011 version as the fourth.

58496 Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle re-release from the original 58046

The bathtub chassis with a removable cover protects the electronics. The battery pack is inserted from underneath the chassis and maintained by a door closed by two pins.

58496 Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle re-release from the original 58046

The front suspension uses trailing arms. The suspension works thanks to coil springs and the damper stays are made of aluminum. The Wild One’s front arms are wider but they can be modified like on this model. The arms were cut and drilled a little bit shorter to look like the original FAV’s.

58496 Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle re-release from the original 58046

The rear suspension uses trailing arms too and friction dampers. The hexagonal dogbones from the original FAV were replaced with modern dogbones protected by joint boots.

58496 Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle re-release from the original 58046

The gearbox protects the pinions and the differential spur gear from dust. It is possible to change the gear ratio using either 18 or 15 teeth pinions.

58496 Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle re-release from the original 58046

On this model, the paint was applied with an airbrush. The rerelease offers a sticker set reproducing the camouflage to simplify the paint work.

58496 Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle re-release from the original 58046

To look as close as possible to the original version, the front tires were replaced to show “Sand Blaster” on the walls. They come from the Rough Rider. On the right side, a cover hides the battery cable. The battery wire and plug are hidden inside the chassis.

58496 Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle re-release from the original 58046

This buggy is a true model in motion like Tamiya was building them in the 80’s. The look, the chassis design and the drivetrains are the same as the FAV from Chenowth. The machine gun and the driver are perfectly reproduced.

58496 Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle re-release from the original 58046

The FAV is very steady and well balanced despite of a weight highly distributed to the rear. The basic suspension does its job correctly but the front aluminum damper produce an unpleasant sound. Overall, this buggy is keen and drifts, even on snow, are easy to control.

The only defect comes from the machine gun that would deserve to be mounted on a rigid shaft, since the spring makes the machine gun wiggle too much.

To see and to drive this buggy is very pleasant for who likes military models. Speed is not the point about the FAV since driving it slowly is the best way to appreciate the supension work and its stunning scale look.

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How to weathering your body like a real military vehicle

This technique was applied on the Tamiya JGSDF LAV lexan body, but it can be applied on ABS bodies too.

58326 Light Armored Vehicle LAV JGSDF

Application of main color:

1- Remove the protection film from the lexan body.

2- Sand with approximately 1200 paper, use warm water and washing up liquid with a piece of wet sand paper that’s been soaked in water for 5 minutes. Make sure to sand all the body creases and don’t miss a part.

3- Rinse and dry thoroughly.

4- Spray with black Tamiya PS-5.

This polycarbonate paint was used like a surface primer for lexan body. For ABS bodyset we can start with the Tamiya Black TS-14 or Tamiya Matt Black TS-6 airspray. Leave for 10 minutes to dry between each spray. Repeat this operation until the black color covers all the surface.

5- Sand again with 1200 paper, rinse and dry.

6- Now you can spray the Tamiya Olive drab TS-70. Leave for 10 minutes between each paint spraying. All the surface should be covered. When it’s dry, sand very carefully and gently.

7- Spray the final coat of Olive drab TS-70 and leave to dry for 24 hours.

8- I also recommend you cut any excess from stickers using a scalpel and metal rule.

Weathering the body :

Weathering is question of experience, testing and patience.

Use a sponge dampened in water and mix with 20% Tamiya Flat black XF-1 paint. Gently apply on the body.

58326 Light Armored Vehicle LAV JGSDF

A paint brush can be used for body creases, lines and recesses. Draw them with the paint brush, wipe with a dry cloth if there is sagging. Work very gently and carefully.

For windscreen weathering, you can draw wiper area on masking tape, all measurements were estimated. Use a compass, pencil, scalpel. Cut out and apply masks, then ever so lightly spray some tack (aka ‘art spray glue’). Next, use Tamiya’s Weathering Master #87079 brush on until you’re happy with the look. Blow off excess, remove masks and bingo!

Another tip for the suspension springs is to use the Tamiya black PS-5. This paint is flexible and does not flake when springs are in motion.



58326 Tamiya JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle

“In 1997 the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) began development on a new high-mobility light armored transportation vehicle. Capable of accommodating 4 personnel, the JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle is fitted with a 160hp liquidcooled 4-cycle 4-cylinder diesel engine, allowing it to reach top speeds of 100km/h” (Editor’s note: description from Tamiya USA)

Tamiya released this vehicule in 2004 based on the same chassis as the Humvee. One odd thing Tamiya did with this kit, it comes pre-painted and the body is in polycarbonate.

58326 Light Armored Vehicle LAV JGSDF

The main problem is that military vehicles are generally matt/flat, and as we all know, polycarbonate has a very glossy finish. But as you can see on pictures, there is a way around this, or rather a technique to deal with the glossy body. (Editor’s note: this technique will be explained on rc4on.com in a few weeks)

58326 Light Armored Vehicle LAV JGSDF

The chassis is pretty much a standard TA01, same as the Humvee, except you get a bevel rear differential gear rather than a ball-type like the Humvee. The kit comes with an ESC, however the first version of the LAVs was sold with an MSC.

58326 Light Armored Vehicle LAV JGSDF

Short CVA oil filled shocks feature too, which are nice once you get the preload set correctly, just make sure when you place it on the ground you get a little sag/droop (just a couple of mm if that) and they’ll work beautifully.

58326 Light Armored Vehicle LAV JGSDF

The one great thing the LAV has over the Humvee is that you can press chassis down to use all the suspension travel and the wheels don’t make any contact with the body at all, whatever direction they face.

58326 Light Armored Vehicle LAV JGSDF

It is quite fast with the standard kit motor. As for a straight kit build it’s pretty good, can’t really fault it other than the front wheels tow out a little on full suspension compression, hardly noticeable when running.
Just keep running it in scale dimensions and it should last a long time and reward you with a relatively good performance.

58326 Light Armored Vehicle LAV JGSDF

This is one of those cars you never get bored of, it has lots of possibilities and potential, just feed your imagination by researching the real thing and then somehow applying it your LAV. Even if you’re not into running it, it’ll look great on the shelf if you take your time and work the body with lots of tentative patience.

The LAV along with its Humvee counter-part is what RC cars are all about: performance, modeling, choice of options and last but not least of all… fun!


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