3131 Kyosho Nissan Saurus

In 1989, Kyosho expands its range of RC products by introducing an unusual car in its “Scale” series (denomination found in catalogs).

It is the 1:10 scale replica of a Saurus Cup car. This Cup took place in Japan and was based on identical cars powered by a 987cc 4-cylinder engine developing 70cv for a total weight of 400kg. Many evolutions followed raising the engine up to 1800cc, horsepower up to 150 and total weight up to 510kg.

Few models still exist, probably due to both unattractive pictures in catalogs and lack of knwoledge about the Saurus Cup on European and American continents.

It shares its chassis with the Porsche 911 Flatnose, the Lamborghini Countach and the Ferrari Testarossa. The parts design clearly reflects the brand’s philosophy for quality. It is based on the Ultima 2, from which it borrows the chassis, drivetrains and gearbox. The aluminum chassis, the steel radio plate and the flat black plastic parts look tough.

The model is suitable for beginners who want a reliable car with an unusual look.

Kyosho Nissan Saurus

The Ultima 2 is an efficient off-roader, but its on-road conversion does not make it as radical as a car that was originally designed for the track. The dampers, the steering rods and the ground clearance are evidences of the low-cost conversion of a car that was born for off-road.

Kyosho Nissan Saurus

The body mount system is very practical as it requires no pin. At the front, a clip inside the body wraps around a rod on the dampers support. The rear features axes that tilt at their ends. Once the body is in place, springs at rear axes lower part block the whole.

On the track, the Saurus is very steady for a rear wheel-drive vehicle. The suspension travel grabs the chassis to the track while the body balances when cornering. The kit gear ratio is a little short so the top speed is quite low, but replacing the motor pinion with another one featuring more teeth will help.

Kyosho Nissan Saurus

The Saurus provides fun when you see it running on the track. The car was made ​​for the pleasure of beginners (or not): it forgives optimism excesses and doesn’t fear to occasionally visit grass along the track. At the first run, the Saurus provided me with a lot of pleasure: its behavior and its friendly yellow face bring something different to the RC world. This is neither a pure buggy or a pure onroad vehicle: it’s just yellow and very pleasant.

David from RC4ON.com

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