#10 Marui Samurai

Tamiya or Marui… TamUI or MarIYA… I don’t know, but first of all, I have to say a word about the Japan quality. This quality that became a standard.

marui samurai samourai #10I was surprised how similar the styles of these two well-known manufacturers are. Box art, packaging, manual style and design are absolutely identical. Quality of ABS plastic and part details look and feel like a fresh modern kit, despite being 27 years old.

marui samurai samourai #10The Marui Samurai was a mix of modern engineering techniques at the time.

marui samurai samourai #10We can see the frame chassis style like a Frog, rear trailing suspension arms like a Frog or Wild One, double wishbone front suspension type with mono shock absorber like the Hotshot or Progress chassis. And full 4WD chain driven system like the Progress and Optima, but featuring an adjustable central differential.

marui samurai samourai #10Lower front suspension arms feature an ajustable securing torsion bar system.

It is possible to install a 550 type motor on this model. The resistor radiator is integrated to the aluminium rear spoiler that looks like an original formula one design. The flexible ABS roll cage and driver figure add more realism. The tire pattern looks aggressive and the rims have a traditional vintage style.

marui samurai samourai #10In the 1986 Marui catalogue, we can read that the Samurai was designed by computer. It’s perfect for those times!

marui samurai samourai #10My personal recomendation: use the springs dressed on the chain tension adjustable screws. It helps to reduce play in the front differential. Also insert a thick washer under the driver head for more realism. For painting the chassis I’ve used Tamiya TS-7 Racing White over White Tamiya surface primer. The stripes are made of oracal vinyl.

Eugene from Russia

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