How to weathering your body like a real military vehicle

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This technique was applied on the Tamiya JGSDF LAV lexan body, but it can be applied on ABS bodies too.

58326 Light Armored Vehicle LAV JGSDF

Application of main color:

1- Remove the protection film from the lexan body.

2- Sand with approximately 1200 paper, use warm water and washing up liquid with a piece of wet sand paper that’s been soaked in water for 5 minutes. Make sure to sand all the body creases and don’t miss a part.

3- Rinse and dry thoroughly.

4- Spray with black Tamiya PS-5.

This polycarbonate paint was used like a surface primer for lexan body. For ABS bodyset we can start with the Tamiya Black TS-14 or Tamiya Matt Black TS-6 airspray. Leave for 10 minutes to dry between each spray. Repeat this operation until the black color covers all the surface.

5- Sand again with 1200 paper, rinse and dry.

6- Now you can spray the Tamiya Olive drab TS-70. Leave for 10 minutes between each paint spraying. All the surface should be covered. When it’s dry, sand very carefully and gently.

7- Spray the final coat of Olive drab TS-70 and leave to dry for 24 hours.

8- I also recommend you cut any excess from stickers using a scalpel and metal rule.

Weathering the body :

Weathering is question of experience, testing and patience.

Use a sponge dampened in water and mix with 20% Tamiya Flat black XF-1 paint. Gently apply on the body.

58326 Light Armored Vehicle LAV JGSDF

A paint brush can be used for body creases, lines and recesses. Draw them with the paint brush, wipe with a dry cloth if there is sagging. Work very gently and carefully.

For windscreen weathering, you can draw wiper area on masking tape, all measurements were estimated. Use a compass, pencil, scalpel. Cut out and apply masks, then ever so lightly spray some tack (aka ‘art spray glue’). Next, use Tamiya’s Weathering Master #87079 brush on until you’re happy with the look. Blow off excess, remove masks and bingo!

Another tip for the suspension springs is to use the Tamiya black PS-5. This paint is flexible and does not flake when springs are in motion.

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