How to easily refurbish old tires

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During refurbishment I do my best to improve look of old tires. This is how I make with everyday and cheap products:

– Fist of all, I clean the tire with washing up liquid and warm water. I’ll try to clean all the dirt and dust from the tire.

refurbish_old_tire_renew refurbish_old_tire_renew

– When the tire is totally dry, I paint the letters on the side with specializes pen. If the paint overflowed, I lets the paint dry and use a toothpick to scratch-off.

refurbish_old_tire_renew– After drying, I spray a plastic renovator on all the tire surface. I let the caoutchoucs tire soak up the product during few days. This kind of spray is use to clean the plastic of real car dashboard and can be easily found in supermarket.


– The final tips to improve the look is to paint the rims. Sometimes the plastic is not opaque enough and there is still a slight transparency. Or it’s looking “Mat” and a coat of paint improves general appearance.

– Even if the plastic rims is white I spray it with white paint. Here Marui Hunter wheels, on the left a set competely raw, on the right a set fully refurbished:


Same goes for the other colors, here a Tamiya Mud Blaster rim:

refurbish_old_tire_renewSometimes I paint the rim, put a sticker and finished with a coat of varnish. Here the rim of a Tamiya Nissan Primera Calsonic:


Here are all my tips to improve the look of your old vintage RC.

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