#9 Marui Mitsubishi Jeep kit RC9

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A few weeks ago, Enrico from Netherlands contacted me after reading our article about “the Story of Marui”: he told me he had pictures of a RC9 Marui Mitsubishi.

I was very curious about this, so I asked him if he could send me the picture. When I received it, I was very confused. An urban legend alleged about a Mitsubishi Pajero, but the picture was depicting a Mitsubishi Jeep, a Japanese clone of the real CJ Jeep.

I don’t know why most of Marui collectors think the Kit #9 was a Pajero since some part bags only mention “for Land Cruiser – CJ7 – Mitsubishi”. Maybe because the Wikipedia Marui page long pretended that kit #9 was a Mitsubishi Pajero that never reached production.

Today, thanks to Enrico, RC4ON restores the true story.

See below for this fanstastic and very rare kit, excerpt from the 1986 Marui RC Catalogue. Many thanks to Enrico for scanning and sharing this document.


David from RC4ON
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3 comments on “#9 Marui Mitsubishi Jeep kit RC9”

Hi there,

Despite throughout searches for the Marui Story entry, I never found anything about such a Mitsubishi Jeep. Not to say about a Marui RC Catalogue either.
So Enrico, THANK YOU for unveiling the truth and for providing this great scan.


Fantastic and amazing information. See this legend car for real is unbelievable.
Thank you for sharing.

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